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Lord Dracula's Castle, the spectacular natural beauty of the Danube Delta and the Black Seacoastline, with interesting folklore and modern cities - this is now the recognizable face of Romania for visitors. The gorgeous countryside, interesting history and historical sites provide a great place to explore. The giant forests, deep valleys and flowing rivers are already becoming well known, but other features may not be. We can also mention the limestone caves, secluded beaches, and  villages based around wildlife-rich lakes. Wooden churches nestle in small valley villages amongst the rolling hillsides and mountains, whilst the hills themselves are punctuated with monasteries and castles reflecting the peoples of the region. Romania could be a great place to start to see how Europe could have looked in the late Middle Ages - and, in particular, the Transylvanian landscape still harbors so many stories and legends of bygone ages.

There is an established network of nature protection that comprises three Biosphere Reserves (Danube Delta, Retezat Mountains and Rodna Mountains), twelve national parks, 417 nature reserves, and 132 monuments of nature .

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