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Romania is situated in the South-Eastern part of Central Europe at the contact with Eastern Europe and the Balkan peninsula. It stretches between a latitude of 43 deg 37"07'N & 48 deg 15"06'N, and between longitude 20 deg 15"44' & 29 deg 41"24'E. It lies at the intersection of the 45N parallel and the 25E meridian.

Neighbours (border in km): Bulgaria – south – (608), Serbia and Montenegro – south – west – (476), Hungary – north west – (443), Ukraine – north (362), Ukraine – east (169) Moldavia – east north east – (450), and Black Sea – south east – (225)

Relief: distributed almost equally between mountains (31%), hills and tablelands (36%) and the plains (31%). The mountain area is dominated by the Carpathian range (maximum altitude at the Moldoveanu Peak of 2,544 m) - which is a southeastward extension of the Alps; it shelters the Transylvanian Depression in the centre.

The natural vegetation consists of alpine meadows on the Carpathian summits, coniferous, beech and oak forests (6.8 million hectares, or 28% of the country's surface area) in the mountains and hills, and steppe vegetation in the South East.


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